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Drayton Valley Services

Drayton Valley has not had routine maternity services at its hospital  for several years. West Country Midwives believe that is important for families to have access to maternity as close to home as possible. Therefore, we have been providing care in the community since September 2019 out of the beautiful space at One Therapy For Body, Mind & Spirit.

We now have our own clinic space at #3 5132 50 St Drayton Valley. 

We would love to care for families in the area and support their choice of birthplace. We have had families birth at home, come to our birth suite in Rocky, birth at the Rocky Hospital and have also supported shared care with obstetricians in Edmonton for those families who have risk factors and may need to birth in the city but want their prenatal and postpartum care close to home.

If you are interested in midwifery care but would like to book a consult to talk about midwifery care and to look at your options.

Please reach out to us at if you have questions about what services may be available to you. 

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