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West Country Midwives is excited to be able to offer clients an out of hospital birth space for those that do not want to birth at home or do not have access to home-birth services in their community. The birth suite is conveniently located in our clinic space just a few blocks away from the Rocky Mountain House Health Centre. It is a private comfortable space that is fully equipped and accessorized for labour with the equipment stored discreetly out of sight. We strive to make this a relaxing, family friendly environment in order to facilitate the best birth possible. We welcome your whole birth team which may include family, friends, doulas, or birth photographers. Please do not hesitate to ask your midwives for more information should you be interested in using the birth suite. We are happy to provide a tour of the birth suite to help you in making a decision about your birth space. 

There is a flat rate of $500+ GST for the use of the birth suite which includes the cost of all consumable items including pads and newborn diapers. Divided payments or a payment plan may be available upon request. Should the birth suite be occupied or unavailable during your labour, a full refund will be available to you. 

Equipment available:

Nitrous oxide, Birth pool, Birth stool, Birth sling, Birth ball


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